What we can do!

I understand the demands of today’s business environment , and I will do everything I can to make your project successful  My manufacturing work flow is geared toward the  efficient processing of all projects that come to me. I will not however sacrifice quality for speed.

Go to the Projects section of the website and take a look at past projects, and see for your self.

Machine Specifications

  • I am currently running a “AXYZ” Router Model 5010  with a 72″ wide x 120″ long bed with 6″ under the gantry. It is powered with a 10-HP spindle, using ISO 30 precision collet tool holders. This machine is also equipped with a 8 position tool changer for automatic tool changes, and an 8 position manual change rack.
  • As a work holding device, I  have a 10HP vacuum pump capable of isolating 7 individual or combination zones.
  •  The router is also equipped with a 3-hp 220V dust collector.

CAD/CAM System and other software

  • I am currently licensed user of Vectric’s “Aspire” software, as well as  a licensed Corel user.
  • I accept most vector based files including EPS, DXF, DWG as well as OBJ and STL files.


Here is a listing of industries and clients that I serve.

For the Sign Industry

  • Custom cutting and bending of a wide variety of plastics, including “HDPE”, “HMWP” nylon, acrylic, polycarbinate, “puckboard” and just about any other plastic you may require. I can also supply most of these plastics at fair prices. If you require a quote, please feel free to contact me.
  • Custom cutting of magnetic sheet  material using  CNC knife or rotary cutting.
  • “Lamacoid” labels for door, desk, or name tags in a wide variety of colour combinations.(see also Manufacturing Facilities)
  • Custom carved 3 dimensional wooden signs from small door signage to large multi panel signs.
  • Custom cut letters of wood, plastics, and composite materials such as “Alupnel”
  • “Reverse” cut and scribe letters. We can scribe or dill holes for attaching studs, or pads to streamline the install process.
  • Reverse engraved acrylic signs. Cut in frosted or clear acrylic to reveal the message you need.
  • Live edge wood signs. These make beautiful cottage signs for that rustic look.
  • Braille Signage. We can produce ADA compliant signage. We stock clear braille balls, that can be inserted into many substrates.
  • Custom “Diamond Drag” engraving on a variety of non ferrous metals.
  • Custom large paint stencils made of “low density polyethylene” for outdoor painting applications such a playground and parking lot symbols . These pavement stencils offer easy cleanup and long service life.
  • Large cutout letters for barns or out buildings.

For Trade Show displays

  • We offer build to suit displays. These can be simple or complex depending upon budget requirements, design and lead time.

For Cabinet Makers

  • Cutting cutting and drilling of cabinet components.
  • Custom 3 dimensional design and carving of accent pieces.
  • Accurate cutting of complicated or curved shapes.
  • Architectural panels. (see also “For Store Fixture Makers”)

For Store Fixture Makers

  • Custom cutting of curved or complicated shapes. such a custom gables, tops, and other parts that require time consuming layout if done manually.
  • Bulkhead templates for curved walls or drywall applications.
  • Router templates for onsite use.
  • Cutting, engraving and inlay for solid surface materials such as Corian, Avonite,LG-Himacs, Wilsonart Gibraltar  and Samsung Staron.
  • Custom engraved ceiling tiles. Have your rec-room accented with your teams favorite logo. Have your company name engraved into the ceiling tiles.

For Drywall installers

  • Curved bulkhead templates 

For Plasterers 

  • carved foam exterior details such a building numbers or company logos.

For the Metal industry

  •  Custom engraving in most non-ferrous metals. 
  •  Custom “Diamond Drag” engraving on a variety of non ferrous  and ferrous metals.
  •  Custom part manufacturing.

For Manufacturing Facilities

  • Parts for material handling equipment made of plastics or non ferrous metals.
  • Compliance labels for machine modifications or pre start certifications.
  • shipping containers, custom designed and constructed for safe transport of critical components.
  • machine guarding using Acrylic, polycarbinate and Alupanel.
  • Molds for laying up fibreglass or carbon fibre parts.

For “HDU” and “EPS” foam users

  • custom cutting of various densities of HDU and EPS foam parts for use in the sign or manufacturing industry.
  • hard shell coating of foam projects for increased service life.
  • Stage props or parade floats.
  • Exteriour archetectural details for plaster applications.

 For Renovators

  • Custom made wooden trim and door or drawer fronts. If you difficulty matching vintage or non standard elements in your home, we can re create a the profile or shape you require. 
  • Create you own custom cabinet for a renovation. You’re welcome to to bring your custom design to me, and I will cut the parts you need, so that you can assemble them yourself. Most cabinets use the same hardware configurations, so standard hardware can easily be purchased at your local building supply company.
  • Please note that reproduction parts can be costly, depending upon the complexity of the project. I’d be happy to discuss your project  with you, and see where you can save some money.

For the DIY (“do it yourself”) Woodworkers,Renovators or handy-person.

  • Let me help your create a mold for pouring concrete to cast your own projects. I can cut EPS foam(like the rigid blue and pink  insulation in your home) to create unique pieces of art for your yard.
  • Precision cut router templates.
  • Let me cut your cabinet components and do the assembly yourself.
  • Create your own cottage sign. Bring me your pre glued panel, or other material, I can do the cutting, and you can do the finishing. This allows you to save more money, and still have a beautiful sign to show your friends and neighbors.
  • Interior  accent pieces for all the rooms in your home, including kids themed rooms.
  • Sports logos for rec-room or games room.
  • Router templates for your own custom work. No matter what the shape, we can produce an dimensionally accurate touter template that can be used over and over again.
  • Follower templates for your copy lathe. If you start with a precision template, you’ll be able to recreate perfect parts every time.
  • Do you want a personalized dove tail template? Send me your original template, and I can create a router template specifically for your jig.

For Interior Designers

  • custom design wall panel in standard 4′ x 8′ and 5′ x 10′ sizes.

For Guitar Makers

  • Curved top guitar bodies and tops.
  • Neck and pick guard cutting.
  • Fret boards and custom inlays.
  • Accurate router templates.

For Chef’s and Bakers

  • custom food grade plastic molds, and molds for vacuum forming trays. If you want to design your own chocolate mold or other type of food mold, give me a call, and I’d be happy to help you create a unique mold for your product.

For skate board makers and enthusiasts

  • We can build you a custom mold to layout your own board, as well as create the board itself.

For Laser engraving –Our laser engraver is currently out of service

  • laser pen engraving-in most cases we can include your company logo.
  • pen box engraving
  • laser engraving on anodized metal parts for industrial or mechanical parts.
  • wedding invitations and paper goods

For Recreational Shooters

  • Custom Pistol grips for various models of pistols.
  • Bring me your existing grips for modification.
  • Custom reproduction grips in exotic woods or inlays.
  • Logos or initials engraved on your grips.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to discuss your options and modification ideas.

For Boat builders and repair shops

  • Custom interior components.
  • Replacement of broken or damaged cabin parts. Bring your damaged or rotten parts in, and let me see what I can do for you.
  • Sail boat rudders-Standard tiller or air foil design.
  • “Dock boxes made from “Starboard” HDPE plastic. We can engrave your boat name right into the box. These will not rot or deteriourate in the sun. They do cost more, but they will likely outlast your boat.

 Our Custom made wooden products

  • I can also produce wooden products for direct sales to the public, such as 3D carved coat racks, custom made cribbage boards and more. I am always looking for new ideas.