About Me

My name is John Murphy and I own and operate J. Murphy CNC Woodworking in Guelph Ontario Canada.

I started my working career some years ago as a Mechanical Draftsman in a large machine building company, part of the Magna Group of companies  in Guelph. At that time all the assembly and detail drawings were done with pencil and paper. After 3 years in the engineering office, the company introduced computers. This introduction peaked my interest, and I decided to explore the cad/cam options, and moved to the shop floor as a CNC Machinist. At that time, we did most of our programming at the machine, or down loaded the information on paper punched tape. Over the years I’ve learned to use a variety of software to produce cad/cam drawings and programs to run CNC equipment.

In 2008, the tool and die company I was working for at the time, went bankrupt, and I was searching for a new job. I returned to school, taking business classes and decided to open a business using a CNC router to cut a wide variety of materials.

I have always had an interest in wood working as a hobby, and now I was able to combine the love of wood, with my well established Cad/Cam knowledge. At that point J. Murphy CNC Woodworking was born.