Metal Projects

In this drop down menu are some projects made with non ferrous metals. I spent many years in the metal machining industry, and this is why I’m still comfortable ¬†to work with non-ferrous metals. I am a certified mechanical draftsman as well as a certified general machinist,¬†specializing¬†in Programming and running CNC equipment. I do allot of work with aluminum, so if you have any questions regarding the machining of non ferrous metals, please feel free to get a hold of me a

One of these galleries contain a project called “Metal Coated Signs”. This sign has a MDF base, but is coated with a powdered metal product, so it was difficult to qualify where it really belongs. The coating is an actual metal, and the properties of the particular metal it is coated with. The substrate can really be anything, even foam!

I don’t get many requests for this. I think it has really never been promoted well in Canada, and the cost i thought to be too expensive. This type of sign however is good for long term service, and little or no maintenance.