Riverside Park, carousel restoration.

In 2012 I was approached by Greg Elliott to see if I could assist him in creating a 3 dimensional flower to be installed on the Carousel in Guelph’s Riverside Park. To be honest, I had no idea that there was carousel in the park, let alone know what it looked like.

Greg supplied me a photo of a poppy, and I went to work on the design. I have been involved with mechanical design for many years, but never really created anything with an organic shape, and I wasn’t sure if I could do this project justice.  I reviewed some of the tutorials available at the Vectric website, and I set out to create the flower.

After a few hours of playing with the design, it actually  started to look like the picture. I presented a couple of part simulations to Greg, and he suggested some minor modifications. The modifications where made, and I cut a sample part from EPS foam. The digital sculpting tools where very handy to have, along with my Bambo tablet, I managed to create the finished flower, along with 16 copies.

I applied a thin hard shell coating to the surface, and handed them off to Greg to paint. After the painting was completed, the restoration team did the install.

I think overall the project turned out well. I’m glad I took on the challenge, and I was pleased with the outcome.

You can visit Riverside Park in Guelph, and go for a ride.