Metal Coated Signs

This is a very exciting option for signage. Here I have taken a piece of MFD and carved out a 3D sign. The substrate(MDF) is primed and sprayed with a powdered metal compound, and buffed. This process gives a very realistic look of a cast bronze in this case. Many people have been fooled by this sign, only to realize the difference when they picked it up.

Traditional cast metal signs are quite expensive, and take some time to produce a custom cast piece. I can take a piece of wood, designed to withstand the elements, and have it coated and buffed at a fraction of the cost. Don’t get me wrong, this process adds about $75.00 per square foot and up to the final cost, but gives and incredibly realistic look to the sign, as well as the weather resistance that real metal offers. You can also add patina to this surface, the same way other castings can be finished.

If you are looking for a realistic, and cost effective alternative to solid metal casting, you may want to consider this type of spray on finish.

P.S. This finish can also be applied to HDU and EPS foam substrates, to make it a lighter product, easier to install.