“A”-Frame Signs

“A”-frame signs have been around for many years, and can be an effective way of advertising you business. These are usually placed on side walks in front of stores, or at the edge of the road, to advertise the business. Real-estate people use these quite often, to direct prospective clients to an open house.  If you are thinking of having an “A” frame sign made, I encourage you to speak with your designer for local bylaws, and rules for placement.

Ask your designer about using a non rectangular shape for your “A” frame signage. Off the shelf “A” frames are generally rectangular, but that doesn’t mean you have be restricted to that profile. I’ve seen “A” frames shaped like a tooth for a dentist, or a wrench for an auto repair shop. You can also have pins installed in you “A” frames for signage with alternate messages, such as open or closed and store hours.